Advanced Placement European History

Jacques-Louis David: Bonaparte at St. Bernard

Truth is the daughter of time
                           -Sir Francis Bacon

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Essay: The Children's Crusade

Course Syllabus

Kagan: The Western Heritage, Online Site

Units of Study

Part One: Foundations:

      The Foundation of Modern Europe

    The Legacy of Antiquity
    The People of Europe on the Eve of the Renaissance
    Crisis and Calamity in the Late Middle Ages


           The Renaissance

            The Italian Renaissance
            Social Change in the Renaissance/\
            The Northern Renaissance



     The Lutheran Reformation
     Zwingli, Anabaptism and Calvinism
    The English Reformation
    The Catholic Reformation
    Social Effects of the Reformation
        The Age of Religious Warfare

         The Wars of Religion in France
          Religious Conflict in Great Britain
          The Crusades of Philip II
          The Thirty Years War



Part Two: Modern Nation-States    


  Absolutism and Constitutionalism in Western Europe     

  The Nature of Absolutism
     Absolutism in France
     The Decline of Absolutism in Spain
    The Dutch Republic of the Seventeenth Century
Constitutionalism in England and the English Civil War



    Absolutism in Eastern Europe

    Lord and Peasant in Eastern Europe
  Absolutism in Austria and Prussia
  Russia under Ivan IV and Peter the Great


Part Three: New Cultural and Political Horizons


     The Scientific Revolution

      Aristotle to Copernicus
     Tycho Brae and Galileo
     Descartes and Newton
     The Culture of Science



             The Enlightenment

        The Early Enlightenment and the Philosophes
       The High Enlightenment
       Enlightened Despotism 



    Social Change in the Eighteenth Century

     The Agricultural Revolution
   The Population Explosion and Growth of the Cottage Industry
   The Rise of the Atlantic Economy
   The Life of the People of the Eighteenth Century


Part Four: Revolutionary Europe 


  The French Revolution

   Decline of the Ancien Regime
  The Second Revolution
  The Era of Napoleon Bonaparte



       The Industrial Revolution

     The Revolution in Great Britain
     Industrialization in Continental Europe
     Capitalism and the Working Class


Restoration, Radicalism and Revolution
Europe After Napoleon

         The Congress of Vienna
        Radicalism and Socialism
        Reform and Revolution
        The Revolutions of 1848


            Life In Emerging Urban Europe

                         Urban Life on the Eve of the Twentieth Century
          Rich, Poor, and Middle Class Life
          Changes in European Family
          Science and Evolution 



Part Five: Nationalism and Unification


                      The Age of Nationalism

          France under Napoleon III
          The Unification of Germany and Italy
          The Rise of Modern Russia
          The Modern Nation State, Marxism and Socialism



                     The Age of Imperialism

                    Industrialization and the Western Economy
                    Western Imperialism
                    Responses to Western Imperialism




                 War and Revolution

               The First World War
               The Home Front
               The Russian Revolution
               The Peace Settlement 



                       The Age of Anxiety

                    Uncertainty in Modern Thought
                    Modern Art and Music
                    The Search for Peace and Stability
                    The Great Depression 




                        Dictatorships and World War II   

                    The Rise of the Totalitarian States
                    Stalin and the Soviet Union
                    Mussolini and Fascist Italy
                    Hitler and National Socialism
                                                 The Second World War




            The Cold War and Social Transformation

            The Cold War
            Soviet and Eastern Europe, 1945-1968
            Social Transformation in Europe after World War II
            The Collapse of Communism