August 11, 2003

Dear Parent:

    Once again, let me express the tremendous pleasure I anticipate in working with your child in Advanced Placement United States History.  You may be justifiably proud of his/her accomplishments thus far.

      I feel it important to stress once again the level of difficulty of this course.  Even the most talented student will struggle from time to time in Advanced Placement Courses. You should also be aware that AP U.S. History is considered one of the more difficult of the Advanced Placement courses. Worldwide Exam results for recent years has indicated that only Advanced Placement Latin Grammar demonstrated a lower success rate.  Because of the difficulty of the course and the amount of reading required, your child may be frustrated with his/her performance at times, despite his/her best efforts.  Please be reminded that these students are working at a level comparable to a mid-level University course, and some degree of frustration is normal.  

I do ask that my students put forth their best effort, and that they make appropriate decisions in establishing priorities. It is entirely likely that the time required to complete necessary readings will conflict with extracurricular activities, work, or other demands upon students' time. In such an event, your child may be forced to make difficult choices. If and when this situation should present itself, I would appreciate your helping your child to make the appropriate choice in apportioning his/her time.

   Please be aware that I earnestly solicit your suggestions or comments.  Education is most successful when it is a joint enterprise between instructor, parent and student.  For that reason, I hope that you will feel free to email (a link is provided on this website or telephone me at any time (School: 843-546-8516 Ext 2125; Home: 843-365-8823).

   Thank you for allowing me to work with your child.

                                                    Larry E. Gates, Jr.