Greetings, Fellow APUSH'ers!

        I hope that this website will be helpful as we continue our esoteric journey into the finer points of United States History.  Although the site is substantially complete, I plan to attach a number of files and info as we progress through the course that you will find informative and helpful.

        Under each unit you will find several links/attachments to help us in our study:

bulletReading assignments for our next unit of study.  Due dates, etc. will be announced in class.
bulletCopies of my personal notes used in preparing lectures.  
bulletA Study Guide with Names, Terms, Definitions with which you should be familiar, as well as a series of discussion questions which will enhance your understanding of the time period under study.
bulletLinks to both Original Documents, Information Sites, Maps, and Scholarly Treatises on the topic under discussion.  I hope that this list will be sufficiently broad that no one person can be expected to read all of it.  I would hope, however, that you will take the time to read/view at least some of them.  I promise that it will deepen your understanding of the issue under discussion.  From time to time, certain documents will be listed as an assignment.  In that instance, the document will be required reading.

         Please remember that a portion of your grade is based on class participation.  For that reason, please make sure that you complete all readings and written assignments timely, and that you remain fully engaged during class discussion. "Fully engaged" means that your entire attention is devoted to class discussion.  It is not possible for you to be fully engaged and read a book or perform other class work.  Please don't insult me by telling me you can do two things at once.  It is impossible for one to anticipate a satisfactory grade if one does not dedicate ones self completely to the study at hand.         

        Finally, I would like to create a group email listing for each of you who have email access.  Will you kindly email me with your address?  Hopefully, that way I can keep you apprised of any changes in this site.

   And, for all you Tiger Fans, I still root for them, every day but one!

                                                            Dr. G.

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