Stearns Chapter Nineteen


PART ONE:  Read Chapter Nineteen: Early Latin America your textbook and answer any SIX of the following inquiries in complete sentences.  Your responses must be either typewritten double spaced, or neatly written in blue or black ink. Responses written in pencil or odd colored inks will not be accepted.  You may email your responses if wish at your own risk, but you are responsible whether your responses are received or not.

1.  What aspects of Iberian society were transferred to the New World?

2.  What model for American colonization was established in the Caribbean?

3.  What was the nature of the exploitation of Indians in the Americas?

4.  Discuss the economy of the American colonies.

5.  How did the discovery of gold and diamonds change the economic organization of Brazil?

6.  Describe the Social Hierarchy of the American colonies.

7.  What was the nature of the eighteenth century reforms in Portuguese and Spanish colonies?