Stearns – Chapter Twenty Six

Directions:  Read Chapter Twenty Six: Civilizations in Crisis:  in your textbook and answer any SEVEN of the following inquiries in complete sentences.  Your responses must be either typewritten double spaced, or neatly written in blue or black ink. Responses written in pencil or odd colored inks will not be accepted.  You may email your responses if wish at your own risk, but you are responsible whether your responses are received or not.


  1.  What domestic and foreign forces threatened Qing China and the Muslim States?
  2. How did Muslim and Chinese leaders respond to westernization?
  3. How successful were Muslim and Chinese leaders in reforming their states?
  4. Would Westernization fail in Muslim states? Why or why not?
  5. How successfully did Muslims and the Chinese resist Western penetration?
  6. Were Europeans responsible for Chinese and Muslim internal problems or did they just take advantage of the situation?
  7. What internal forces arose to challenge the Qing and Ottoman leadership?
  8. Why were Muslim culture and states able to survive when the Qing could not?


Read the Document on page 636: Building a New China and answer the following questions:

  1.  Who wrote the document? (include biographical references.)
  2. What is the author’s point of view?
  3. How reliable is the document? Why?
  4. What were the intents and purposes behind the document?
  5. Who was the intended audience?
  6. What western institutions and values does Ling esteem?
  7. What should China borrow from the West?
  8. How might Western ideas and values impact China?