Stearns Chapter Eighteen


Read Chapter Eighteen: The Rise of Russia in your textbook and answer ANY SIX  of the following inquiries in complete sentences.  Your responses must be either typewritten double spaced, or neatly written in blue or black ink. Responses written in pencil or odd colored inks will not be accepted.  You may email your responses if wish at your own risk, but you are responsible whether your responses are received or not.

IMPORTANT: Please Read:  It is important that you answer the questions presented fully and completely. Short, cryptic answers hurriedly written or in an obvious attempt to finish this assignment as quickly as possible without serious thought may not receive credit. Please take your time; this is part of the learning experience.

1.      How did the Mongol occupation affect Russian civilization?

2.      What was the nature of Russian expansion under the Ivans?

3.      What was the extent of Westernization under Peter the Great?

4.      What was the extent of Westernization under Catherine the Great?

5.      What was the nature of Russian serfdom?

6.      Why did Russia become economically dependent on the West?

7.      What is the basis for the culture of the Russian masses?

8.      What characteristics did Eastern Europe share with Russia?