Stearns Chapter Six

Directions:  Read Chapter Six: The First Global Civilization, the World of Islam in your textbook and answer any FIVE of the following inquiries in complete sentences.  Your responses must be either typewritten double spaced, or neatly written in blue or black ink. Responses written in pencil or odd colored inks will not be accepted.  You may email your responses if wish at your own risk, but you are responsible whether your responses are received or not.

1.      What was the nature of Bedouin society before Muhammad received his revelation?

2.      How did Islam address the fundamental problems in Arabian Society?

3.      How was the succession dispute over the office of Caliph finally settled?

4.      What was the nature and extent of the Umayyad Empire?

5.      What events led to the fall of the Umayyads?

6.      How did the Abbasid Empire differ from the Umayyad Empire?

7.      What were the achievements of the Arab phase of Islamic development ending in 750 C.E.?

8.      Did Women in the Islamic world have more or less freedom than women in other contemporary societies?