Global Interdependence

Captain James Cook
1728 - 1779


♫♫ Arne:  "Rule Britannia"

I. European Expansion and Exploration

Stearns: Chapter Sixteen HOMEWORK

The Expansion of Europe beyond is Borders

Collision of Cultures in the Americas

II. The Emergence of Modern Europe and Russia

Stearns: Chapter Seventeen: HOMEWORK

European Transformation: The Reformation and Enlightenment

Stearns Chapter Eighteen: HOMEWORK

The Rise of Russia as a Modern State

III. East Asia and the Modern World

Stearns: Chapter 22


East Asia during the Early Modern Age

IV. The Islamic World

Stearns: Chapter 21 Homework

Early Modern Islamic Empires

 V. Early Modern Africa

Stearns, Chapter 20 Homework

Early Modern Africa and the Rising Atlantic World